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I’m Leia, an artist and designer based in Yorkshire, England. I go by Yorkshire Artist. I am inspired by nature and have a love of florals and landscapes that fills my artwork with pattern and playful colour. I love to create with mix media to create texture and tone.  

I am an Art and Design teacher alongside freelancing. 

I have held art workshops that help you create paintings and other crafts based on florals and landscapes using pencils or watercolour. They are for beginners and beyond!

I launched my business during the first Covid lockdown.

I graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2019 and have completed four internships within the art industry. One of these took me to Australia for three months, which was an incredible experience! I then went on to complete a year in industry as a Textile Designer before starting teacher training. I feature in The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design by Alex Russel. 

When I’m not teaching, I am exploring and hiking to find my next landscape to draw. On quieter days you will catch my walking the dogs or cuddling our rabbits. Or perhaps watching Star Wars – guess why I am called Leia!

My artwork and products make the perfect gift to yourself or someone else. My passion is to share the nature I come across. I hope you find something you love! 

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Leia Butterworth

Yorkshire Artist

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The Fundamentals of
Printed Textile Design

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